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I was thinking about Usurper the other day... and wanted to get back in there with my buds. It's been a year or more since I last played on this BBS. I've got a few questions.

I see it's still operational. Since we haven't played in long time have our accounts been purged? If not, how do we access our account information so we don't have to create a second account?
Brotherhood of Steel

LoGD in your friends page!

Want to know what's going on in LoGD on your friends page, for some silly reason? Now you can!
  • logdmotd contains the current Message of the Day information. Major announcements, like the overdue upgrade planned for this weekend, and so forth go here.
  • logdnews is a news feed for all that occurs in the realm. This will probably get quite spammy, as it will update for every single thing that happens. You might want to read this one in a RSS reader, instead.
  • logdwholist logs who is currently online. This will probably be almost as spammy, yet five times as pointless.
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Last bit of downtime for a long while, I hope...

You crazy kids have all logged off, so I'm taking this opportunity to upgrade the system's memory with some old PC100 memory I had lying around, and moving it to its proper place behind my main desktop. This won't take long at all, and then it's up for good.

And yes, I'm sorry about a few of the modules that were in the capital being located in the newbie island as of last night until this morning. They're still installed, they're back where they belong, don't panic.
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Upgrade timeline

Upgrade attempt #1
Backing up the database now, will begin my first attempt at upgrading the system everything's running on shortly. Cross your fingers.

Upgrade attempt #2
Things are going poorly. I figure out how to pull the right strings and do the right dance to get the software to let me flim-flam the drives over. Now it's a matter of repairing the new plot of land without salting it.
I have consumed a plate of Hint of Lime Tostidos covered in muenster cheese, dipped in excellent spicy thick salsa. I will now guzzle OJ and plunge back into it while Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas repeats on my TiVo.

Upgrade attempt #3
After doing a bit of research, and realizing that I would be better off trying to pry things in a different more time-intensive way, I continue on. I'll press buttons while studying and watching a series of Valentine's Day themed Iron Chefs. If I had watched FaLiLV again, I would have desired large amounts of illicit drugs.

Upgrade attempt #4
Ok, so that didn't work, despite all hints online that it should have. I found one more method to try, that involves bypassing the software package I thought would be my savior entirely, and relying entirely on the lord of the manor, Microsoft itself. If their tool does the job, we'll be up and running in no time flat. If their tool fails me, we're in a different boat. I'll be taking the old computer and setting it up in the corner for the time being, redoubling my efforts on studying, and copying things over piece by piece the hard way. With the ODBC problems I'm having, that'll be rough, but I'll survive.

Upgrade attempt #5
So brute force and the stupid ``slow'' way worked and worked fast. I could have saved myself hours. Duh. The telnet and web games are running in an open desktop sprawled out on my couch. I'm going to study economics, go to sleep, and shove it where it belongs in the morning. The downtime will be minimal, two minutes at most. All done and ready for action.
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Hey kingfox

I found an issue with the Deamon powers that i'm confused on. It lowers my aliginment everyday, and now it's so evil that it's taking my attack down to -21! is this a normal side effect or is something else going on i know nothing about? i'm a little frustrated. if this is going to keep happening, how can i change?
Lo Pan
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Upgrading the system

If I can stop coughing up phlegm for a bit, and my quest for soup goes well, I'm going to be upgrading the server.

This means a brief period of downtime, then vastly improved performance.

I also installed some new modules for LotGD recently.

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LotGD update

Installed some more events, some more specialities for after the Dragon's been killed once, and more modules in general. Also changed the turns per day to three based on the poll. And to make things fair for everyone expecting another turn right now, I'll give everyone a new game day right now.

As usual, comment with suggestions and bugs and so forth.
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Uncle Duke
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How many turns a day in LotGD should there be?

A few of you have started playing LotGD, and have already surpassed my sorry ass in the game. It's fun, eh? Some of the installed modules and shit are fun. Maybe I'll write a couple, try my hand at it, as I used to write LoRD modules and eventually doors back in the day...

That being said, as I've done in the past, I'm putting major gameplay settings in the hands of you, the populace. The default in LoRD (well, only acceptable setting) is one day per day. The new day begins at midnight, and lasts twenty-four hours. The default in LoGD is four days per day. Six hour days.

How do we want to do it? Two days per day, so people don't have to sit on their computers to stay ahead? Three, to space it out a bit? One, to be traditional? Or the current setting of four, rewarding the hardcore?

Poll #425391 How should it be?

How many ``days''/turns/rounds a day should we have on LotGD?

Mean: 3.20 Median: 3 Std. Dev 0.75
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A quick tip

I've noticed that a few of you died and thought that was that, while others who have played LotGD kept on playing.

Here's a little hint - when you've died, look around. There's an easy way to come back once or twice on your own power in a day.

And I'll refrain from giving tips anymore.

Reactions, so far?
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LotGD is up and running, I think...

Try this link. It looks like it's up and running on the old Win2K setting.

I'll probably take Usurper offline over the next day or so, just leaving LoRD and other non-laggy telnet doors up. Otherwise LotGD will completely BLOW around midnight my time.

Right now I've got it set so that all of the cool races and classes don't become available until after you've killed the dragon once or twice. I'd change that, but there's many things where people have that hardcoded into their PHP.

I'll see how this incarnation holds up, and tweak things. If it needs new hardware, I'll look into that. If it just needs some optimization, I'll look into that instead.

Please give me your feedback here with your comments. I tried to distrobute modules evenly around towns, while still keeping with a semblance of theme. So party on, kids.
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